Convenient meeting organization service
MeetPnt - a unique platform for bringing people together, turning into a live meeting. Regardless of whether you need to gather friends for a theme party or hold a business meeting, the application will simplify the process of organizing people.
All you need to do is create a meeting for the upcoming event, select the desired date, time and place, send the automatically generated link to friends and colleagues, and wait for a response from the meeting participants!
Join a friend's meeting
Receive invitations to meetings from other users of the application and join them. You can watch your association online.
Create your meetings and invite friends
Create meetings with registered users of the application and manage the created meetings in real time. Send out meeting invitations even to registered users via e-mail, SMS-messages or different messengers.
Secretary of your meetings
Synchronize your meeting data and event schedules with the calendar built into the smartphone's operating system. See your appointment, your current location, and the location of other participants at any time on the map.
Our service will remind you of upcoming events and any changes.
MeetPnt is a smart assistant in the organization of meetings!

Easily organize and manage real-time created meetings.
Planning your meetings and their location will become easier, and we will recall them
We see friends on the map and you can just go to meet each other.
Will support
Our support service works and resolves all technical issues around the clock.
Will improve
We are constantly improving our service, always open and welcome your suggestions.
We will help
Feel free to ask. We will answer any questions.
Install the application
for iOS and Android